• Energy

  • Weight Loss

  • Motivation to Exercise

  • Strength and Tone

  • Flexibility and Posture

  • Sticking with a new routine

  • Wobbly bits


SERIOUSLY… It’s NOT for everyone

IN FACT…¬†For over 10 years as one of Australia’s leading Physiotherapists, more than 50% of my patients have come to me with injuries related to a workout program or style that wasn’t suited to THEIR body type.


YES…¬†Results take time, but not everyone is suited for an intense “fast tracked” workout regime.


Serious damage can be done.



I’ve seen thousands of patients over my years as a Physiotherapist.


MOST of the injuries or pain they were coming to me with was triggered by overworking or under-stretching certain muscle groups as a result of jumping into a program without consulting a professional’s advice.


You don’t have to mistreat your body to achieve the fitness results you desire.

If you want to GET FIT & HEALTHY without strain, injury or feeling like you’ve been hit by a bus, this is for you.

Take Claire’s 6 Week PHYSIOlogical Training¬†Program

Hi, I’m Claire!

My name is Claire Sobolewski and I am the founder and principal physiotherapist for PHYSIOlogical Training. We are an Australian based team who focus primarily on injury prevention and management for our clients to get the most out of their fitness program and life in general!

In this program, you’ll receive…

6 Week Fitness & Flexibility Overhaul

18 Practical & Guided Videos

Private Facebook Group